Defeat: A flipped side of Victory

A victory pays off for the lessons we learn, but its the defeat that makes us learn the lesson. Sometimes its good to lose a battle where the impact is less so that we are prepared for the battles that need a strong base to attain victory. It is more important that we embrace the defeat more than celebrating the victory because that inspires us to excel and work harder.


At some point in time, in some of the other way we had faced defeat and hence got demoralized. We may observe the following changes in life:

  1. Lack of concentration in given tasks.
  2. Feeling physically and mentally tired even without doing any work.
  3. Losing hope in every situation.
  4. Confidence level stepping down.
  5. Most important, we stop SMILING.

At a point in time, we ask ourselves “Am I so useless?” or “Can I really do something good in my life?”. And this is the point where defeat is victorious in failing us but fails as a teacher.  We always see the dark side of the defeat but never think about its brighter side and hence cursing it for its existence.

The following steps will cooperate the next time when we embrace our life’s teacher:

  1. SMILE back with dignity as we have not lost everything.
  2. Take a break for a day or two and relax.
  3. Analyze the mistakes and note them down.
  4. Read one inspiring BOOK and take positives from that.
  5. Talk to wise people about the approach and make alteration as per the requirement.

Everybody is destined to lose at some or the other point in their lifespan. If it happens in the earliest stage of life then there is nothing better than losing that battle. The earlier we learn, the better we nurture, the lesser we regret and of course the better we perform in future.

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